At My Hair Clinic compromise is not an option

My Hair Clinic was among the first five clinics worldwide to specialize in FUE hair transplantation in 2004. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most advanced and latest hair transplant method available, and Dr. Hussain, the founder and owner of My Hair Clinic, is a pioneer in the field.

The list of advantages for a hair transplant at My Hair Clinic is very subjective. However, here are a few of the reasons, that patients choose us for their hair restoration - and keep coming back.

Dr. Hussain in FUE operation

What seperates My Hair Clinic

All consultations by health care professionals


We have no professional sales team. Nor do we have an expensive marketing department with a limited understanding of the human body and the dynamic nature of hair loss.

We are simply experts in our field: hair loss and hair medical and surgical restoration.

Whether you write an email, chat with us or come for a live consultation a surgeon or an experienced nurse with more than 10 years experience will do the assessment.

With My Hair Clinic you are a patient and not a client. With the high Scandinavian ethical, professional and medical standard in mind we will be your guide in this field.


A natural result with design done by doctors


The most critical part of a hair transplantation is the design of the recipient-area to ensure a natural result.

At My Hair Clinic only a surgeon will design the recipient-area. No compromises.


Strict Scandinavian standards


No compromises on quality, naturalness, or service whether you opt for an operation in United Kingdom, Norway or Pakistan.

While the price of hair restoration in Pakistan is lower, the same high Scandinavian standard is applied.


Our years of experience separate us


My Hair Clinic was among the first handful of clinics worldwide to solely specialize in FUE back in 2004. At that time there were many strip-surgeons who tried their best to discredit the FUE technique.

Since 2004 the microsurgical FUE hair restoration has become ever more popular. Many strip-surgeons that were critical of FUE hair restoration have started offering FUE hair transplantation in recent years.

The experience from doing FUE surgeries since 2004 gives the team at My Hair Clinic solid experience in FUE – which most other clinics lack.


No sales talk or false promises


While it’s easy to claim we do 3000-4000 grafts in a few hours or guarantee something, we are very particular about keeping your expectations realistic.

This is a medical/surgical procedure and we wish to keep it that way. No absurd claims. Only real information for real patients.


Mikael Melbye, Denmark

When deciding upon a transplant, one of the main factors for me in choosing Dr. Hussain, was his very frank approach. The internet consultation with the initial photos works well, and he gave me a very clear idea of what to expect, and also what not to expect which is equally important I think.

Dentist, Sweden

First i was a bit worried that the result would not be what i could expect, but now i can see there is a lot of hair. For sure, even you told me with one transplantation I can not have the same density as on the sides. So for me, there is a big change and all the people who know me very well, are surprised that there is so much more hair than before.

Khalid Khan, USA

Hair growth is amazing, I can’t even recognize myself in the old pics. I look and feel like a whole new person, in about a year or so I will come back to Pakistan with my brother for a final procedure, I want to increase the density a little bit and I miss your food and chai (Pakistani traditional tea made from milk – MHC) as well.