Mikael’s Experience

Mikael’s Experience

Mikael's experience at My Hair Clinic

After experiencing hair loss in the frontal hairline, Mikael had a free initial consultation via video with Dr. Hussain from My Hair Clinic.

During the consultation Mikael had an opportunity to learn about the FUE hair transplant process and felt confident that having the procedure could really help him get back to where he was before his hair loss.

We met Mikael Melby at his atelier in Roskilde, to hear about his hair transplant experience and the impact it has had on his life..

Mikael Melby after FUE treatment

Mikael Melby's FUE experience at My Hair Clinic

“When I was young I had a big blonde head of hair full of curls. I was the envy of quite af few of the girls, actually,” Mikael says.

Finding My Hair Clinic

Mikael Melby wanted to see the person that he knew and remembered in the mirror. The energetic man with a head full of hair. So he started searching for a clinic that could help him create the new younger version of himself.

“I went on the internet and found Mazhar Hussain from My Hair Clinic, who offered the FUE treatment. Dr. Hussain was the only one who offerede a free video consultation.”

The treatment in Islamabad

The first thing that happened when the treatment started in Islamabad is that Mikaels head was shaved – this is so the doctor and nurses can see the direction of the hair (grafts). With this knowledge the doctor can achieve the right and natural direction in the implanted grafts.

“And when the hair first started growing out, I realized that Mazhar Hussain isn’t just a doctor that plucks hair into you. He is a true artist,” Mikael says.

No false promises

Mikael Melby was happy he chose My Hair Clinic and Dr. Hussain to perform his hair transplantation: “When you go into surgery, Dr. Hussain will tell you what to expect. I was fortunate, because I didn’t have a moon, just a receeding hairline. And he completely reformed the hairline to where it was, when I was a teenager.”

“The final result is beyond my imagination, and you just treat it like normal hair – because it is my hair,” Mikael adds with a smile.

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