Safety and expertise

Safety and expertise

Smalltalk before FUE treatment

What separates My Hair Clinic from other FUE-clinics is our focus on creating lasting natural results as well as our professionalism

Having a hair transplant is a life changing experience. And at My Hair Clinic we are keen at making it for better, rather than for worse.

There is no safe quick fix

At the outset you may, as a patient, look for a quick fix.

And because clinics are ready to accept any patient for a surgery he or she may end up with a result that may not be satisfactory in terms of naturalness or cause problems in the future.

This applies both to FUT & FUSS (strip surgery) as well as FUE.

The four advantages to FUE at My Hair Clinic

We avoid most of these risks by applying our expertise in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which is the most advanced and latest hair transplant method available.

Hair naturally grows in what is called Follicular Units containing 1-4 (or even more) hairs. In a Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant, the follicular units are removed individually from the donor-area leaving hardly visible scarring in the donor-area.

Combined with the highly skilled and experienced surgeons at My Hair Clinic a hair restoration with FUE means:

  • Natural results
  • No linear scar (as seen in strip surgery)
  • No stitching at all
  • Little or no pain involved

The doctor is always involved

The doctors at My Hair Clinic take great pride in communicating with the patient to ensure that the patient understands the implications of a FUE hair transplant.

This way our patients are always able to give an informed consent rather than just consenting to the operation.

The best in FUE

All doctors performing the operation at My Hair Clinic has been individually trained or vetted by the chief surgeon and founder of My Hair Clinic; Dr. Hussain.

Dr. Hussain was one of the first handful of doctors specializing in the FUE treatment back in 2004. Since then his expertise in FUE has grown, and now he not only performs the operations, but also offers training in FUE.

Only the best work at My Hair Clinic

This is a matter of great personal commitment to the patient and the reputation the reputation that My Hair Clinic only pick the best applicants applying for a job.

Candidates and health professionals accepted go through a rigorous training, including inoculation of the ethical values that are an integral part of My Hair Clinic.