The FUE experience

The FUE experience

Let us help create the new you

The experience of have a FUE hair transplantation is more than the procedure itself, which is often no more than a day.

It is also the challenge of planning the decision, the day of the procedure and the following days, weeks and months, where you see the results of the FUE hair transplantation.

Here you will find information about the FUE hair transplantation experience from both a medical and personal point of view.

We cover everything from planning the surgery, our high Scandinavian safety standards as well as the post-operation process.

The FUE treatment by Dr. Hussain

We want you to feel safe before, during and after the procedure – so if you have any questions feel free to contact us

Finding the right choice for you

Picking a new look – and the procedure and operation getting there – can be excruciating. At My Hair Clinic we want to make it easy for you to pick the right choice.
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That is why you’ll be dealing with a professional surgeon who knows hair transplantation. Not a professional salesperson without medical understanding. Sales commissions should never be the motivation behind recommending a medical treatment.

The surgeon will help you clear questions and queries you may have by email, chat or phone. This is the first step in being properly prepared for the operation.

We are not in a hurry

Whether you choose our clinic in Norway, England or Pakistan, you can be sure of the same high standard in ethics and procedure.

We focus on you. We can do this, because we don’t accept more surgeries at the same time. You can therefore expect the full attention of our medical staff and doctors before, during and after your FUE hair transplantation.

Smalltalk before FUE treatment

Your FUE experience at your convenience

Because My Hair Clinic has clinics in both England, Norway and Pakistan we can offer the best treatment with the highest scandinavian standards all over Europe and South Asia.

So if you want to combine a vacation in Pakistan or UK with a new look and hair – why don’t order your FUE experience at My Hair Clinic?

The treatment, expertise and service is the same high trademark of My Hair Clinic – where ever you choose to have your FUE surgery.