Safety and procedure

Safety and procedure

Your safety is our priority when performing the FUE procedure. That is why we take our time both before, during and after the surgery
When you get to the clinic we usually set aside some time for small talk rather than rushing directly into the operation.
This gives you time to relax and get to know your surgeon and the staff. At this time you can also enjoy a cup of chai, coffee or a cold soda.
When you are relaxed and comfortable we then discuss the recipient-area. The surgeon will give his recommendation, but ultimately the decision lies with you. It is after all your future looks, that we are discussing.

Smalltalk before FUE treatment

Starting the Follicular Unit Extraction

Once the recipient-area has been finalized the assistants will trim the head and the actually surgery can then start. You may experience some discomfort for few minutes when the anesthetic is applied in the donor-area.

The remaining of the extraction you may listen to music, small talk or just doze off. For the first few hours the grafts are extracted from the donor-area.

Placing the grafts

The recipient-area is then anaesthetized and the surgeon designs the recipient-area to ensure a natural 3D direction of the grafts.

By all means this is the most critical part of the operation as it defines your future look. After this it is usually time for a lunch break.

After the break the technicians then place the grafts in the recipient-area. This will also take some time, as a rushed process will impact your final results.

How does it look?

After the procedure

Checking the results and finalizing

At the end of the surgery the grafts are checked to ensure that everything is fine. After the treatment you may be tired but usually there is no other discomfort.
Before you set off we go through the post-op precautions and medicines so that you are in a position to take care of your transplant once you are home. We recommend you have someone pick you up. Alternatively, a cab or public transport.

Our work is not done yet

Our commitment to you is not just about the surgery, but extends beyond that!
We will not let you on your own after the operation. You’ll be given a mobile number so that you can call even outside opening hours.

Expert artisans - Great results

First i was a bit worried that the result would not be what i could expect, but now i can see there is a lot of hair.

For sure, even you told me with one transplantation I can not have the same density as on the sides.

So for me, there is a big change and all the people who know me very well, are surprised that there is so much more hair than before.

Happy client after FUE procedure
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